Inspirations behind the festival and traditions of United States

All over the world the festival celebrations enjoy the good gathering of people and spend their holiday time with their friends and family. Even in America the mid-autumn festival is widely celebrated in the Asian American community. During the festival time the shop owners will fill their shops with colorful lanterns and decorations and it will attract many customers and tourists.

In India they mostly celebrate the festival with crackers and distributing sweets to friends and relatives. The shop owners will buy wholesale fireworks online and sell the crackers at the time of festival season with high profits. But in United States they will not burst any crackers and most of the public holidays in the US have a political or historical background and other festivals are celebrated on behalf of special religious occasions. There are also traditional festivals in US where the ethnic groups brought along to the new world with them. Let’s see some of the important festivals of US where they follow their own unique American traditions.


The Christmas is one of the most beautiful festival that will celebrated all over the world. Most of the Americans will travel to different countries on holidays or during the festivals. Especially on Christmas evening the American families will decorate their homes with mistletoes, holly, a Christmas tree and many seasonal decorations. The outdoor also decorated with fairy lights or Santa clause figures which is most popular on this season. On Christmas they will spend time by eating dinner in their favourite hotels by distributing gifts to children’s.

Big Guava:

The big guava is one of the grand American musical festival held at Florida state fairgrounds where they will celebrate with full of carnival rides, music, dance and over 30 food trucks and great craft beer. The ticket price is affordable and it was one of the great late-night show.

Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras is the popular festival of New Orleans and the celebrations is like Easter festival. It is a proper cultural phenomenon Mardi Gras dates back thousands of years to papan spring and fertility rites. It is the most famous public festivities drawing thousands of tourists every year. Louisiana is the only state in which Mardi Gras is a legal holiday.

Daytona Bike Week

Daytona bike week is an interesting motorcycle event and it held annually in Dayton beach, Florida. The bike week is one of the most important events to motorcycle enthusiasts around the country. As per source it is the grandest festival event of Florida and more than 50,000 people attend this 10-day motorcycle festival held along Florida’s central east coast. As per Wikipedia This first race was a 3.2-mile (5.1 km) beach and pavement course. It was won by Ed Kretz from California riding an Indian motorcycle with an average speed of 73.34 mph (118.03 km/h). Harley-Davidson has and continues to be a huge part of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. Bike Week now welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors annually and is enjoyed by locals and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

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