How to take care of your dark circles around eyes

Having dark circles is very common for both men and women. There can be a number of reasons for dark circles. The most common being lack of sleep, stress and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes dark circles, can give indications on your health which need immediate action. Overall, it makes the face dull. There are various home remedies through which it can be cured. But it is advisable to go for a health check-up to understand if there is any underlying cause.

Some of the tips to cure dark circles are as follows:

Get a good beauty sleep

These days, because of stress and work pressure we compromise on our sleep. And in the long run, sleep deprivation can cause some serious health issues like obesity, heart disease, hormonal problems, etc. Poor sleep can make one feel lethargic and grumpy. So, a mandatory 7-8 hours of sleep is needed. So to get rid of dark circles a good beauty sleep is must.

Incorporate Healthy Diet

Healthy eating can definitely do wonders to our body. People these days are in a constant hurry and often compromise on their diet. Eventually, it can cause complications in the body. Foods rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants can help to reduce dark circles. Green tea is very good for skin as it has anti-inflammatory benefits. So, it is recommended to drink at least 10 glasses of water on a daily basis for detoxification.

Bad Genes

Sometimes getting dark circles is hereditary. If these conditions run in the family than the chances of having it is higher. So, precautions are necessary for example, apply sunscreen before venturing out in the sun, avoid over consumption of alcohol and aerated drinks. It’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Massage tomato on the dark circles

Tomato has rich source of lycopene. Regularly applying tomato juice on the dark circles can give a visibly clear skin and makes it soft and supple. On regular basis drinking tomato juice can do wonders to the body.

Cover the eyes with tea bags

We don’t start our day without having a tea. It’s a part of our everyday routine. Tea is an excellent agent to cure dark circles. The procedure is very simple, keep the tea bags in the refrigerator once it cools gently place it over the eyes. There are a variety of teas available in the market like chamomile, green tea, lavender, etc which can help to reduce dark circles.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

One of the major causes for all the diseases is stress. We need to calm down our mind and for this yoga and meditation can do wonders to our body. By practicing daily , it soothes the mind and calms our body and soul. In due course of time, it has a lasting impact and it works as an excellent cure for dark circles.

These are some guidelines which one can follow to cure dark circles. It is very simple and certainly inexpensive as well. If the dark circles are not going inspite of following this routine then doctor consultation is necessary.