Traditional wedding invitations vs Modern Trend Cards – Technology improvement

The wedding invitation is the first thing which you going to release before your marriage. So how important it should be? The wedding ambience and the theme of your wedding is totally depending on the wedding invitation cards. Now the technology has made easier and it allow us to book online wedding cards with personalized options.

There are varieties of wedding cards available in the market and nowadays people are choosing their wedding cards differently with some creativity. The technology has been improved a lot in all business sectors so now choosing a best wedding cards within a budget is like a trivial subject. The wedding day is the most important day in our life and the wedding cards will stay in our memories forever.

In olden days there are no options to decorate or create the unique wedding cards. They just print a card with all details of the main event and they invite most of the people for the wedding function. Earlier the wedding cards printers are in demand so they travel for a long distance to print their wedding cards. Heavy cards or the quality paper is the only important thing in traditional wedding cards. You can fold cards in any directions and you can opt for bevelled edges using silver or gold foil.

Even they will write the name of the relatives, friends in the wedding cards neatly with the pen while inviting to the marriage function. The designs in the card are so simple. The card has only the picture of god and the details of the marriage function with the venue details. They will send the invitation through post to some of the friends and relatives who are staying away from them.

The font is one of the most interesting part in the traditional wedding card. They use only Antique Roman, Copper Plate and Monotype Corsiva and it depends on the printers. There are only few patterns and they will repeat the same for all functions. The cost of the traditional wedding cards is not that much but they will print more number of cards and they will invite more peoples for the function.

The trend has been completely changed now. Some people are feel bored in printing invitations and they are not interested to spend money in wedding cards. They just design an own template and invite the people through social media. 90% of the people having smartphones in hand so they are creating event about the wedding in Facebook and inviting the people via social media.

There are so many trending wedding cards has been introduced over the years and the wedding cards are now demand in many areas. They are designing the wedding cards separately for the friends and family relatives. They are attaching the pen drive with the invitation and it contain pictures, videos of bride and groom and the details of the grand wedding. The more creative and quirky the wedding invitation, the better.

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