The Top Five Factors to Consider when Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding needn’t be the wedding of the century, but you’d still like to make it as perfect and as memorable as possible. And whilst this can be a challenge, it’s not an impossible task. You can have a great wedding day with some key elements taken into careful consideration, and one of these elements is finding the right photographer. Here are the top five factors to consider when selecting your wedding photographer.

 1.You get along with them

Even if you have the most professional photographer in the world, that counts for nothing if you can’t agree with them, as a professional wedding photographer like Lewis Romane at will tell you. It’s important that you feel comfortable with them; otherwise, your photos will look forced and unnatural. Whilst they may have their own ideas of how to set up your wedding photos, it’s still your wedding, after all, and if you can’t get the photos you want, it’s better to opt for another photographer.

2.You like their photography style

Another key factor is the photographer’s style. All photographers have different styles, be it artistic, documentary, reportage, and so on, but you should choose the style that you can most associate with. Choose a style which can reflect you as a couple and showcase your wedding in the best way. If you want something natural and fun, look for a photographer who has that style, and if you want something more elegant, then choose a photographer who can reflect this.

3.Don’t just look at a few photos

When you meet with a photographer and they show you their portfolio, this will often be comprised of a few excellent photographs of different weddings. Whilst this can give you an idea of the photographer’s style and expertise, ask the photographer if you can look at a complete and full wedding album. This way, you can see their work from the start to the end of an event and can have a better assessment of what they can do.

4.A matter of trust

Liking and getting along with your wedding photographer is different from trusting them. You also have to have that element of trust – knowing that they will do their best work for you and that they can take care of your special day in the best way. You should feel confident in their skill and expertise and feel at the same time that they can address all your questions and concerns.

5.Would you refer them to a friend?

To make your final decision, ask yourself whether or not you would refer the photographer to a friend. Would you readily recommend them? If your answer is yes without hesitation, then you’ve found the perfect photographer for your big day.

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