Tips to be a good wedding photographer

Wedding photography is an art that requires dedication and effort.

Every detail is important. There are so many photos to do, so many moments to take advantage of in front of your camera that we will give you some tips to take into account when it comes to dedicate yourself to wedding photography.

Organize your team

First and before you start thinking about the session, you must organize your team in advance.

Although it seems obvious, it is vital that all your batteries are charged, your cards unoccupied, your optics, your flashes and that you have made the adjustments of the camera. A good Cardiff wedding photographers is not only meticulous with his team but he has everything at hand.

Two camera bodies

You must have two camera bodies for each wedding session. Never go to a wedding with only one camera.

In case of an unexpected accident, having a second body will help you to finish the session without problems.

Luminous objectives

Dispose of several objectives, mostly bright. The lighting conditions at a wedding are very variable, but always, it is best to work without flash if the conditions allow it. The naturalness of the image without flash is always the best when it comes to achieving film photos.

Tell the story as a film director

You are the photographic director of that love story with a happy ending. Be inspired, capture every moment and every detail, do not lose sight of the emotion gestures of the bride when putting on the dress, the face of the father when he sees her go out ready for the church, the hug of the mother and daughter when facing each other front, every look, every gesture is a memorable photograph and you have the privilege and honor of being there to capture it as the invisible witness you are.

Use your creativity to the fullest, you can have preconceived ideas that maybe you saw in other photographers, but in the end, it is an event that has its own life and personality. Get involved and get into the story, with stealth but without losing anything. Each wedding is different because its characters will always be different. Take advantage of your skills as a portraitist, documentary maker, reporter and artist.

Seek naturalness

Be bold and do not miss the opportunity to document the details of each wedding. You are a hunter of moments.

Weddings are moving moments where there are many laughs and cries of emotion.

Humor is a good tool. If the couple is open and friendly, take advantage of it.Nowadays, documentary-style weddings and as a report are very much in vogue. Do not force situations, if a girlfriend is tense or tired, do not demand more of what she can give. Remember that you are there to please her and keep the best memory of her wedding.

Relax and have fun

Have the couple relax and have fun too, you will see that the best photos are when they are all without the tension of “having” to take the photograph.

You do not want the couple to get bored in the session. The photo session of your wedding should become an adventure for them too, make them feel comfortable with you. If telling them a good joke helps, do it, you can help them get a good smile that you can take advantage of.

Hire a second camera and assistant

A wedding is like going on an expedition, you will not want to face that adventure alone. In a wedding there are too many details that you must take care of, the ideal is that you work as a team with an assistant and a second camera. Direct them and delegate so you can take care of making the photographs to the main characters, the couple.

The secondary characters can delegate them and complement your work with that of the second camera. Likewise, your job will be to present the story with the best images obtained that day.

Keep the serenity

Learning to deal with the changing moods of the couple and their families is vital to achieve success in this type of photography so demanding and competitive. Understanding and managing the anxiety of others and your own is a very important skill that you must learn to develop in these photographic marathons.

You will spend a full day with the couple and you will be very close to them, handle situations as calmly as possible.