How to find wedding planners in Jaipur?

No wedding is complete without band, baja, barat, ghodi and doli especially if you are planning for destination wedding somewhere in Jaipur, the land of mahals. Wedding involves lot of preparations which can be hectic for many couple because of which they prefer to hire wedding planners in Jaipur.

With wedding planners you need not to take tension about anything as they will look after. They assure their clients that each and every piece of décor will be according to the taste of the bride and groom. Since they have experience and a team of professionals so with them all your dreams will definitely come true.

If you have decided to hire wedding planner then there are number of things which you should know about them. You can also consider some tips which will be helpful for you to finalize the right planner.

Tips for finding best wedding planners in Jaipur –

Search online – Nowadays, one can easily look in for number of wedding planners online. However, it is not sure that the planner whom you are looking online is best and perfect for your wedding. That’s why it is advised to look in for reputable planner who have years of experience and can handle any type of wedding.

You can in fact read the reviews mentioned on their site. Before hiring examine few planners on how they present themselves and their events. Do not rush to choose planner because of the services they offer.

Ask the references – Do not feel pressured if you like to hire planner on the spot. But in case, if you are not sure then take out sometime and call their references or clients with whom they have worked few weeks back. There are number of questions which you can ask their team.

Like how do they plan wedding in the decided budget, how well do they use and plan your ideas, what wedding theme you want, what they will take care of and how, do they have any recommendations for good vendors, how smoothly they can organize wedding functions, how they will handle any unwanted situation, how serious they are for your wedding and much more.

Flexibility of planner – Finding such wedding planner who is reliable, trustworthy and flexible is important as most of the couples don’t have luxury of making their dream wedding come true. This is one of the main reasons why it’s vital to know that your wedding planner should be mindful and work as per your set budget.

They will make sure that everything is done in set time and within the decided budget. With them there is no need of taking tension or you need not to worry about costly surprises throughout this process.

Discuss everything openly – It is important for every wedding planner that they should be familiar with their guest needs and requirements. For this it is must that, they should know what are your expectations and dreams so that a fairytale wedding can be arranged. Also keep in mind that, the planner should ask you some questions with an effort of fulfilling dreams on your special day.

Consult with your partner and family – If you want to get best wedding planning service then this is also an important tip. Hiring wedding planner is as difficult as planning your wedding at your own end. But, before finalizing anything make sure to consult everything with your partner and family like budgeting and selecting other things.

Consultation is important as it will help in overcoming number of issues. Not only this, it will even provide peace of mind that means you can enjoy your wedding without any tension.

Sign a contract – Somebody’s word cannot be worth investing, so if you want to protect your investment and yourself then can sign a contract. Make sure that everything should be discussed in meetings with your wedding planner from your design choices to wishes and from wedding décor to caterers.

In fact, you can even get it documented and signed off so that further problems can be avoided. In case, if anything goes wrong or something is not done as per the planning then with help of contract can hold them accountable.

Services they offer – Different wedding planners offer different kind of services, so another great tip which you cannot afford to miss is considering the services your wedding planner offers. For this purpose you can evaluate uniqueness of their wedding package, cost of the packages and level of organization.

Avoid going with cheapest wedding planner because most of the time they offer cheap services. In addition to this, do not overlook question related to training. Nobody wants to hire any such person who knows nothing related to wedding and its preparations. A best and experienced wedding planner will have an interesting planning history as well as experience.

Take about money before – This is one of the most important wedding planning tips which you should pay attention on. To save yourself from any kind of financial issue or disappointment in future, make sure that your planner’s budget should be well decided in advance.

Assure that fees are within your budget as they are the one who can make your dreams come true into reality. A good and experienced planner can work with any type of budget to bring your visions to life. You can in fact mention everything related to your budget in the portfolio.

With this things will become much easy and they will be able to deliver better results. You should talk openly about budget and ask them that you want to see their work which they have done till now to make sure that you will not get disappointed with services or get shocked by future costs.

Conclusion – Thus, choosing a perfect wedding planner is not so easy because it requires lot of skills and knowledge. So, if you are getting married this wedding season but don’t know whether to go with private wedding planner or event companies then can considered some of the above mentioned tips which are worth investing in.

Author Bio: I’m Rohit Sharma, A blogger and wedding consultant. I wrote on wedding related ideas, tips and guides for Shaadidukaan. It is an online wedding market that offers the wedding-related vendors and wedding related guides and ideas. We aim to help the would-be groom and would-be bride to execute their biggest wedding day without any stress.