How to Plan a Memorable Hen Do Weekend

Hen do weekends are the perfect occasion for you and your girls to get out from your comfort zone and do something really crazy. Something you don’t get to do in your everyday routine. Something that qualifies as one in a lifetime experience.

First of all, you have to choose the location. If you want to live something really unique, try to avoid the cities with a culture related to your own. The whole point is to make some unforgettable memories that will bring a smile to your face every time you remember it.

Gather your friends and make the perfect planning for a hen weekend to remember. It must be abroad and it must be awesome!

Need some inspiration?

Here are 3 ideas you might find useful:

  1. Spoil your hen in the Spa City of Europe

Budapest is the only capital city in the world where you can find almost 125 thermal springs, so it is called City of Baths for nothing. But this is not the best part! Budapest is also one of the few places that give you a unique experience of traditional Turkish baths. So, if you’re looking for an exotic party, this is the place to be!

Take your friends and spend some quality girl time in one of the many thermal baths around Budapest. Whether you choose the gigantic Széchenyi Baths or the Turkish Rudas Baths, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of indoor thermal baths, with:

  •    steam rooms
  •    saunas
  •    ice-cold plunge pool
  •    rooms for massage

Just the perfect way to spoil a future bride!

  1. Do something really different!

When it comes to hen party, one of the first words that cross your mind is „action”. Well, how about trying some manish action? Sounds like a challenge, right? Just imagine a bunch of girls shooting with a Remington 870 Tactical or an AK47. That’s quite a view!

The future bride will definitely remember 37 Rounds of Gun Shooting, especially if there will be some beers afterward. The activity is totally safe. A qualified instructor will show you how to handle the guns just like the feminine version of Rambo.

  1. Don’t forget the extra activities!

For a hen do weekend to be complete, you need to spice your trip with some male stripper flavour. There are plenty of hot activities you can experience without crossing any line. For example, you can call a naked Butler in the Buff to attend your last night at the hotel.

He’ll be the hen group private waiter for about an hour, serving drinks and nibbles to you and your friends. Even if the future bride isn’t so much of a fan when it comes of male strippers, a naked butler can be the perfect dose of nudity for a crazy hen night.

For this kind of activity, you`d better choose a company that can provide you a professional entertainer, rather than a stripper. Just imagine a handsome half-naked waiter, serving the drink with a cheeky smile! It’s definitely a good, crazy vibe the hen will remember for the rest of her life.



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