Penning down Sentiments in a Guest Book Makes you Relive the Wedding Memories

Wedding is always special for everyone and people love to keep their memories intact. Starting from wedding dress till photographs all are treasured for entire life. There is one thing which is also a part of tradition and that is keeping a guest book during the ceremony. This is an old tradition, which was forgotten long back. Now when people want to have traditional marriage ceremony they are gathering their ancestor’s traditions properly.

Most couples prefer giving wedding favors to their guests these days.  However, now people have also added guest book in it which is kept on a table in the venue and guests sign it to shower their blessings on couple. This not only leaves you with lovely memories but also reminds you of all people who were present at your wedding.

After the wedding when the cake is eaten, you finish seeing your gifts and all your cousins have left your home you will be left with a guest book, because even photographs take time to assemble in an album. This book helps you to live that time and bring the spark again. This book not only reminds you about your beautiful days in early marriage, but also helps you during your tough times if there are any.

People today keep more than one wedding guest book, one at the wedding if it is in small scale with close family members and other at the reception where a huge party is thrown and many guests are invited. This way they have memories of their friends as well as family separately.

Not many people understand the purpose of keeping a guest book. Here are some of the reasons to make you understand better –

  • It helps in keeping the record of guests that attended your wedding
  • Those messages remind you about their kind heart and help you to maintain a close relation with them.
  • It helps you in preparing a thank you note for all guests who attended.
  • In your busy day it might be possible that you miss saying thank you to someone, but a guest book wouldn’t let you do so because it would have list of entire guests.
  • Being an old tradition, it is appreciated by your old relatives and you can bet, but they will be first to scribble on it.
  • In rush, generally guests are unable to wish properly because time is short, but they can express their love for you in a guest book.
  • Photo albums are huge in size, even the videos are to be carried everywhere if you want to relive the memory, but guest book is small and precise and you can store in your book shelf.
  • A guest book helps gather all your guests at one place this way no one feels aloof and a small talk among them while waiting in queue, helps them become friends for the event.

People have become so creative these days that you don’t need to stick with stereotype guest book. There are so many options available that it won’t be difficult for you to select one, because a book can never be expensive.


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