Some Unique Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is the event to spend a romantic evening and to offer your spouse a sumptuous gift. Here are some ideas for those who are lacking in inspiration.


“Collect moments, not things.” On this thought devoid of materialism, treat yourself to a romantic dinner as a wedding anniversary present. Whether it is in the restaurant or in the privacy of your apartment, just a nice setting, a few candles and a good meal to enjoy a moment in pairs are enough. Take advantage of it to talk about your love, your couple and your desires.

A Traditional GIFT

Each wedding anniversary has a unique traditional meaning: cotton, leather, wax, wood, pewter, silver, pearl, gold … Inspire these symbols for an original wedding anniversary gift. A cotton garment for your first year of marriage, a leather object for your 2 years, wooden gifts for 5 year anniversary gifts for wife, a silver jewel for your 25 years, or pearls for your 30 years of marriage are symbolic gifts. Some symbols require a little more reflection than others, but it is also the assurance of a unique gift accessible to all scholarships.


After several years of love (and routine), treat your spouse to a bit of adrenaline! Enjoy a parachute jump, hang-gliding, or a dive under the ice to experience thrills for two. Always accompanied by a professional, you will have a unique experience that you will remember all your life, even if you are not glued to each other during the activity.


What if you offered yourself a second honeymoon as a wedding anniversary gift? You could go back to your first honeymoon. Or, if you were not able to afford a trip worthy of the name at the time, it is an opportunity to leave for the destination of your dreams, whether it be a stay in the heavenly islands of Polynesia, A road trip in the United States or a safari in Africa.


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